Most of the naked pictures can be found in art and on the internet are posed, which means they can be defined as a nude. I wondered if I would be able to analyze and visualize differences between a naked photograph and a nude photograph. Am I able to take a naked photo instead of a nude portrait? This project is a visual comparison between male nudes and female nakedness. To create this comparison two different methods were used. The male took on poses commonly used in art photography and was photographed during a single photoshoot. The female was photographed during an entire day, leading to unposed photographs.

While analyzing the differences between the two sets of photographs, something occurred. I uploaded the images on the platform of Pinterest. After uploading the images of my male subject, they were easily approved by Pinterest in terms of ‘nudity as art’. Yet, when I uploaded the photographs of my female subject, I was told the images would be going against the community guidelines and my account was suspended as a result.

I studied the community guidelines and came across the following statement: “Most artistic, scientific or educational nudity is okay on Pinterest. We always remove images of explicit sexual activity or fetishes, and nude or partially nude people in sexually suggestive poses.” With the following text underneath a nude photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono: “Lennon and Ono are not posing suggestively, so it’s okay.”

I was left wondering. How can Pinterest label the suspended images as sexually suggestive posing, when in fact, these are images of a girl who is not posing at all? Why are the photographs of a nude male not discussed? How come that the female is perceived as sexually suggestive by being unposed and naked?