In my role as a social designer and photographer, I act as a mediator between companies and organizations and the people affected by social challenges, such as senior citizens, mothers and daughters, and residents of anti-squat companies. 

Through extensive research and creative social design methods like in-depth interviews, context mapping, and co-creation, I collaborate with those involved to develop a new perspective on complex issues. By combining their expertise and ideas with mine, we create unique outcomes that can lead to valuable conversations or even real change within social structures. 

The solutions can be physical products, social interventions, new methods, or routines, and the key is to keep them simple and easily applicable by those involved.

Jip van de Beek (1997) currently divides her time between Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Bali, Indonesia.

Her passion for art was ignited by the creativity of her grandfather and mother, which inspired her to pursue her own career in the arts. Jip attended the Willem de Kooning Academy where she studied photography and social design.

Her collaborative work with social themes has garnered clients such as municipalities and political parties, alongside creating autonomous work addressing societal issues.

Her projects have been exhibited at prestigious events and galleries, including the Dutch Design Week and the Serchia Gallery, and featured in a documentary on NPO, showcasing her project ‘Like Mothers, Like Daughters’.

Jip van de Beek