As a social designer, I act as a mediator between companies and organizations and the people affected by social challenges, such as senior citizens, school kids, and residents of anti-squat properties. 

My approach is rooted in comprehensive research and the application of innovative social design techniques, such as thorough interviews, context mapping, and collaborative co-creation sessions. These methods enable me to work closely with all stakeholders. Together, we create accessible solutions—whether products, interventions, or new methods—that spur dialogue and effect real change.

Jip van de Beek (1997) is a dedicated social designer currently based in Bali, Indonesia. 

With a passion for addressing social challenges, Jip specializes in co-creation processes, actively involving the target groups in her projects to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met. Her approach empowers communities by making them an integral part of the solution. 

Alongside her work in social design, Jip is committed to supporting several non-profit organizations, contributing her skills and expertise to further their missions. Her work in Bali and beyond reflects a profound commitment to creating positive social change through design and collaboration. 

Jip van de Beek