As a social designer, I function as a translator between companies/organizations and the people that are involved in social challenges. For example between the municipality, care institutions and senior citizens. Between mothers and daughters. Or between political parties, anti-squat companies and their residents.

My work is characterized by thorough research. Through literary research and expert interviews I attempt to learn about the context and set structures of the challenge at hand before I connect with the people that are involved. I create a basis of objective data which I broaden with the subjective data gathered through creative social design methods. 

By using methods like in depth interviews, context mapping, creative tools, reframing, co-creation and storytelling, I converse, create, and develop together with the people who are involved in the social challenge. They are the experts and the ones that need to be involved and heard to be able to change and improve the current situation.

I combine my expertise with theirs and combine their views, wishes and stories, visualize them, and present them to the companies and/or organizations involved, influential parties and the public. By combining data, stories and creativity we can create a new perspective on complex issues. 

The outcome of my projects is unique for each situation and fully based on what’s fitting for that specific social challenge. It can be a physical product, social interventions, a method, and/or new routines. Often, the key is the simpler the better. This makes sure it has potential to be applied and adopted by the people that are involved. The outcomes can lead to valuable conversations about the subjects and/or to real change within the set social structures.

Jip van de Beek