I never fully realised why there was noticeable pain between my mother and grandmother. They seemed to have quite a cold and distant relationship, as it seemed for the mothers who came before them.

With generations of women in my family struggling through suppressed conditions, my grandmother wasn’t encouraged to live by her own rules. Maybe, it was this lack of encouragement and her fear of judgement by society that contributed to her pain – and what created a divide between her and my mother.

Researching the mothers and daughters from my generation to those past, led me to discover a common psychological problem in which pain or trauma spans from one generation to the next.

This pain remained unspoken and concealed until my mother and I used photography to express how it affected us individually and as family. Together, we are healing, and this is the first step in that process.

Book of the project: ‘Like Mothers, Like Daughters’ 
Concept: Jip van de Beek
Book design: Jesse van Meel