Through photography, Jip van de Beek explores the bond between her mother and herself as well as the previous generations of women in her family. An analog camera made the trauma that was communicated from mother to daughter visible and discussable. A year and a half after the end of the project we see mother and daughter reflect on their experiences and the impact that this project has had on their lives.

Direction, camera & editing: Charlotte Bernson
Sound: Sammie Leermakers & Okki Poortvliet
Presented project: Jip van de Beek

Production house: Van Osch Films
Production: Frank van Osch & Matthijs Kösters
Coaching: Frank van Osch & Gerard Cevaal
NTR editor-in-chief: Sander Nieuwenhuijsen
Coordinator NPO 2 extra: Jorn van Hoorn
Broadcast NTR, Art Dept. (2022)