Jip’s project explores the relationship with her own mother, and the influence of previous generations on this bond. While researching this personal connection, Jip and her mother discovered together the significance of an intergenerational trauma that has always burdened their relationship. In her research, Jip explores how sharing an artistic process can help address and heal a family’s intergenerational trauma.

Like Mothers, Like Daughters is an ambitious attempt to address the problem of transgenerational communication. Jip uses art to dissect the relationship with her mother, and to investigate ways of addressing the difficulties of communication between generations. However, though the artistic process and its achievements are insightful in and of themselves, the work does not succeed in providing a methodology that could be implemented by others. This project addresses an extremely sensitive topic, as an inquiry into our relationships with our parents, while always keeping the artistic process as a focal point. The jury was impressed with the results, from both a personal and an artistic perspective. The jury was also impressed by the courage of engaging in an artistic process with such a sensitive issue as trauma.”

Emiliano Gandolfini, Jeanne van Heeswijk and Alexandre Furtado Melville, jury of the Social Practice Drempelprijs